Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mechanical Reproduction

"Even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be. This unique existence of the work of art determined the history to which it was subject throughout the time of its existence"

What this passage means to me is that no matter how amazing or beautiful something looks, it is never complete; there is something always missing. Many of the paintings used back in the day symbolize something, sometimes good; other times bad. Many paintings were made at a certain point to describe a certain event, when Hitlers was killing the Jewish community; several artist made paintings to explain what was going on. It was a way for the  people to communicate without getting into trouble, the paintings would look like something positive; but explain a whole different thing. I chose this passage because many of the time things look a certain way but it's the complete opposite. It's like they say; " things aren't as good as they seem". In my opinion this is what this passage is about. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Junger 5/2

"In war, when shells fly past our bodies at high speeds, we sense clearly that no level of intelligence, virtue, or fortitude is strong enough to deflect them, not even by a hair. To the extent this threat increases, doubt concerning the validity of our values forces itself upon us. The mind tends toward a catastrophic interpretation of things wherever it sees everything called into question (pp. 5-6)."

This passage is explaining the way that soldiers feel during the time of war, but not only that; it explains the way that we feel when we have a problem. When ever we have a big problem, we feel as it is never going to go away because of the circumstances we are in. No matter how hard we try, the situations seems to keep on getting worst; and when it seems that it's going to get better, something happens and it gets worst than before. I believe that he used the example of war because when one is at war, deployed to an unknown country; things tend to get worst that before. As they start think that things are turning around, it back fires on them. This is what I believe that is going on in this passage. I chose this passage because I've been in that situation plenty of times. When I was overseas, I always had hope that things would of gotten better but they never did; until I came home. This is a very important passage to me because I could actually relate to it. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Class April 18

"The most important attribute for a professional politician is time, the time necessary to devote oneself to learning the intricacies of the political art. Also if the politician is not to derive a living entirely ‘off’ of politics and live ‘for’ politics, he must also be “economically dispensable” meaning he does not depend upon politics at all for an income. In modern times former President Franklin Roosevelt, also former Governor of New York came from one of the wealthiest and oldest families in New York going back to the original Dutch settlers. Even more recently, former governor Eliot Spitzer’s father was Bernard Spitzer, a New York real estate tycoon who owned many large apartment and office buildings in New York City.  Gov. Spitzer first as attorney general and later as governor built his reputation as the “Sheriff of Wall St” despite his wealthy background. Weber says, “under normal conditions, the politician must be economically independent of the income politics can bring him. However according to this meaning Mitt Romney would also be Weber's ideal politician. This means quite simply, that the politician must be wealthy or must have a personal position in life which yields a sufficient income”

This passage explains how important time can be for a politician or just anybody in general. When a person wants something and becomes committed to it, they have to put the time and effort in order to succeed. This applies to our everyday life, if we don't apply ourselves in school; we wont get the grade that we want, same with politics. They have to put in the time and work to see results. Another part of this paragraph that really caught my attention was how they speak about not depending on politics for an income. Most of the people who are in politics are already pretty wealthy, but like any other job you would expect to get paid. This paragraph talks about the successful politicians who didn't count on politics for money. They used other ways to build there reputation, I would say that was very humble of them; they helped others as much as they could. I chose this paragraph because I feel like there are certain parts that I could relate too, also I enjoy reading about successful politicians and how they managed to built a reputation without depending on politics. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Article 9Insofar there is need for the formulation of standardized regulations, the Reich has the legislation over
1. welfare system
2. protection of law and order

Article 9 is stating some regulations that are still put into use till  this very day. It speaks about the importance of the welfare system and the effects it has on those who need. The welfare system is better important because it allows those who aren't very fortunate to provide for themselves and there families. The second part of this article is speaking about the protection of law enforcement. Law enforcement was put in place so that every country has a form of protection from those who choose to not obey the law. This article is very important because it has changed the lives of many and it helps the country as a whole. 

I chose these two articles because we in the United States can relate to them. we have great law enforcement in our country and we also have a great welfare plan. As well as the freedom to live where ever we chose to. I like these two articles because the united states went trough the same thing, and we are doing pretty good with them.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Assignment due 3/21

"Just to put things in perspective, the party itself had over a million members at this time, and the unions that were associated with the party had around 2.5 million members. You cannot wage a war without workers in factories producing war materials and had they refused to cooperate Germany would not have been able to wage a war of this magnitude, but in one of the most momentous decisions probably in Germany history the party voted to support the war effort by approving the military’s request for financing, referred to as “war credits”."

This passage speaks about the things that are needed in order to start a war and to keep in going. It is a full time commitment, even the people back at home who are not at war; have to contribute to this cause. It speaks about the important roles that factory workers played back then, and if it wasn't for them; nothing that they had done would of been possible. I chose to write about this particular paragraph because it speaks about the important role that civilians played during the war and how many things would not have been possible if it wasn't for them. Another reason why I chose this passage is because I was in the military myself, and the civilians played an amazing role when it came to providing us with food, supplies, equipment ect. I appreciated everything they did for us , because of there help we were successful in many ways. I don't know much about politics, but when it comes to providing soldiers with what they need; they are very successful in that way. Back then the military was there main priority, and today they government and there politics try to help the military as much as possible; therefore I believe that they have that in common. They both help there military as much as possible and they make them there priorities.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

M 1931

The scene that I decided to write about was at the beginning of the movie when all those men were sitting around the table reading the newspaper. The meeting went from a simple friendly meeting to one of the men accusing the other of being a murderer; he also accused him being of following underage girl. He says that he seen him following a little girl, and because of this reason he suspects that he is the murderer. What I interpret from this scene is that the man was being accused of something without any evidence against him, he is a suspect because of what the man thought he had seen; but it doesn't make him the murderer. I chose this scene because there have been many cases throughout the years, were a person gets accused of something without any evidence. In many cases the person being accused is innocent, I also chose the scene because I enjoyed everything that happened in that scene; I also found it a little funny with all the cursing that went on. This was one of my favorite scenes from the movie, people shouldn't be accusing others without hard evidence; even though they might think is that person because of what has been done in the past. One should always look for evidence before accusing.  

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cabaret song

Night Ghost (Nachtgespenst)

When the housewife chains the hallway door at night, I’m standing right outside.
Without hurry, I file the chain away, and there I am.
As the daughter is putting on her nightgown, I enter her room.
I feel sorry for her.
I’m the night ghost, your sweet night ghost,
I wake you up each time you call me your darling.
Don’t be so scared, It's only me waking you.
And after you have been uncovered,
you will get tucked in again.
When I climb through the window,
I have no interest in taking your jewels,
Only your ivory skin appeals to me.
As a night ghost I don’t take any shiny jewels;
only enough for the return fare.

Legt die Hausfrau nachts die Kette hoch, im Korridor, steh ich davor.
Mit der Feile ohne Eile, keck, feil ich se weg. Da liegt der Dreck.
Waehrend sich die Tochter gerade kleid, tret ich bei ihr ein, sie tut mir leid.
Ich bin das Nachtgespenst, dein suesses Nachtgespenst.
Ich weck dich, wenn du pennst, sooft wie’s du mich Liebling nennst.
Sei bloss nicht so erschreckt, du wirst nur aufgeweckt.
Und wenn du aufgedeckt, dann wirst du wieder zugedeckt.
Steig ich durchs Fenster ein, reizt micht kein Edelstein.
Nein, nur dein Elfenbein reizt mich allein.
Ich nehm als Nachtgespenst kein Steuckchen mit, was glaenzt.
Ich brauch wirklich nur das Fahrtgeld retour.

I chose to write about the two last lines of the song, those 2 lines express a lot about what they are feeling. The night ghost isn't there to do her any harm, it's just happy to see her. It doesn't want to hurt her or steal anything from her; he rewards himself by just seeing her everyday. This says a lot about a person, he's fascinated by a females beauty, only thing he takes is enough money to come see her the next day. This is an amazing song, it tells the story of a man who fell in love with the beauty of a women, and didn't have the heart to tell her; therefore he would go see her every night. This is what I interpret from this song.